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Original blackout blind kit with VELCRO® Brand hook fastener for standard size windows

Original blackout blind kit with VELCRO® Brand hook fastener for standard size windows £ 23.95 In stock

This is the first blackout blind kit we ever sold, back in 2002, and it is still going strong.  You can easily achieve complete darkness by ensuring that there are no gaps around the window where light can enter.  This blackout blind attaches directly to the window frame and sits behind any existing curtains or blinds.  This means there is no need to remove or change anything already in place.

Our unique design incorporates excess fabric on each of the four edges - this stops light from entering around the blackout blind.

There is no sewing involved, no drills, screws or frames, and no other fittings are required

Please note that this is not easyblackout - with these 'original' kits you apply self-adhesive tapes to the fabric AND to the window frame.  If you prefer easyblackout, which attaches directly, you can find it here.


Availability: 998 in stock

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how it works

Measure the window, including all of the frame, and cut the blackout material to this shape and size, adding approximately 4cm to the height and to the width - this gives a small overlap on each of the four edges of the blackout blind, and gives a better degree of blackout.

Apply the self-adhesive VELCRO® Brand hook fastener tape around the window frame, along the wall edge (ie away from the glass edge).

Attach the self-adhesive Fabric tape around the edge of the blackout material.

Press your easyblind™ in to place against the window frame whenever you need blackout.

sizes & more info.

 Mini    70cm x 135cm, with 5m Hook and Loop tapes
 Size 1    100cm x 135cm, with 5m Hook and Loop tapes
 Size 2    150cm x 135cm, with 6m Hook and Loop tapes
 Size 3    200cm x 135cm, with 7m Hook and Loop tapes
 Size 4    250cm x 135cm, with 8m Hook and Loop tapes
 Size 5    270cm x 135cm, with 9m Hook and Loop tapes


 Each kit     blackout fabric
includes   self-adhesive VELCRO® Brand Hook Fastener tape (to stick to the window frame) 
    self-adhesive Fabric Fastener tape (to stick to the blackout fabric)



  1. Premium 3-coated blackout material. This blackout material has undergone rigorous testing to meet high demands of performance and aesthetic appeal.
  2. The adhesive on our VELCRO® Brand hook fastener tape is suitable for use with uPVC windows and is durable for frequent use.
  3. Please note that this adhesive, although not permanent, is quite strong and could pull paint or varnish away from wooden window frames, particularly where the finish is not sound.  For use on wooden window frames, we recommend using Frame Fasteners - these are available on our Accessories page.

Width and drop:

Please note that either side can be used as the width or drop, ie every kit can be used horizontally or vertically

Difference between 'easyblackout' and 'original' blackout kits?

With both types, you stick the hook fastener tape around the window frame. With the 'original' blackout kit, you also stick loop fastener tape to the blackout material, but with easyblackout there is no need to do this as this material will attach directly to the hook fastener tape on the window frame.  This original type is a lighter material and more compact if rolled or folded between uses. In terms of blackout they are the same.  Both can be used with our magnetic tiebacks.

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

'seconds' kits

From time to time, we have some original blackout material that isn't quite perfect in appearance - it is perfectly usable, but may have some small marks so we can't sell it as 'first' stock.  We think it would be a shame to throw it away so we offer these kits at a discounted price.  It is a bargain really, because when your blackout is up, you can't see it anyway!

Only the fabric is different in seconds kits - all other included components are the same as 'first' kits.  The only difference is that there may be some small marks on the fabric (and these are often on the reverse).

All of our seconds blackout blinds and fabrics are listed on the 'Bargains' page - availability can change daily, and these tend to be very popular, so it is worth checking regularly if there is a particular size and colour you are looking for.

customer reviews

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Harriet, 21-Mar-2020

I work with new parents and infants and highly recommend these blinds to aid sleep

Paul, 14-Mar-2017

I wish I'd known about these things years ago, they're fantastic. I'm currently renting a property while working away and can't change the fixtures. Once cut to size these blinds really do work very well, and the temporary nature of them is a huge bonus. I have a top hopper window above the main one, so sometimes rather than take down the blind i just let it drop to below the top window, where I've placed another band of tape. Lets me have the window open but the majority of the light blocked. I'd still use these in any room where I have a gaming setup!

Leanne, 19-Apr-2016

I brought these blinds after much research. We live in rented accommodation so there's not much we can do in terms of decorating. We have a toddler and another baby due any day and were struggling with the light evenings and mornings. I originally was going to purchase the gro anywhere blind as it just sticks to the glass but from reading lots of bad reviews about them I didn't want to waste my money. I came across easy blinds in my search for something effective and attractive and I am so pleased I did. They are amazing and look beautiful. Ordered on Monday afternoon and they arrived less than 24hrs later. Staff were very helpful. 100% recommend these blinds. Here's to a few more zzz's x

M K, 7-Apr-2016

Brilliant blinds. After looking at many different options on the internet these were the ones with the most promise and they haven't disappointed. They arrived quickly after I ordered them and were very easy to put up, completely blacking out the room. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for blackout blinds.

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