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Stick On blackout kit

Stick On blackout kit £ 11.95 In stock

Stick On blackout kits provide total blackout easily.  Using a white plastic blackout sheet, this product is ideal for blacking out a window and leaving in place, or as a temporary blind that won't need to be opened and closed.

It is possible to open and close a Stick On blackout blind, but this reveals the sticky tape - this can be covered by replacing the backing strip if required.  For regular opening and closing, or applying and removing, we suggest easyblackout or original blackout kits, as these are more convenient for regular use.

Each kit includes Stick On blackout white plastic sheet and a 50m roll of re-positionable double sided tape.  The Stick On blackout sheet is thin, flexible, lightweight and extremely effective, it totally blocks all light!


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how it works

  • Cut or fold the blackout sheet to fit the window.
  • Apply the double-sided tape to the sheet, peel away the backing tape to reveal the repositionable adhesive and place your blackout against the window frame.
  • For larger windows, two blackout sheets can be overlapped.
  • The repositionable adhesive can be used a number of times.  Between uses, we recommend replacing the backing tape to protect the adhesive until the next use.  It is also possible to fold the tape over so that it sticks to the blackout sheet until the next use.  When the tape looses it's effectiveness, simply replace it from the 50m roll included in each kit.
  • For even faster blackout, blu tack (not supplied) is very effective for use with this plastic blackout sheet.


Size 1, Small 1m x 3m
Size 2, Medium 1.5m x 3m
Size 3, Large 2m x 3m

All sizes include 50m of double-sided tape.

more info.

This plastic material is a white plastic sheet, that makes a superb blackout.

Suppied with a 50m roll of re-positionable double-sided sticky tape.

customer reviews

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Natasha, 20-Sep-2021

We have used this product really successfully for 4 years. It creates perfect blackout and stays stuck up. To remove the sticky tape residue, we used a product called “De-Solve-It” and a glass scraper which we bought in a hardware store. There was no way we would have removed the residue without it, but it has come off perfectly now.

T Shokunbi, 4-Feb-2021

Amazing item, but the after 3 years in place, the sticky tape is very challenging to remove, even with sticky stuff remover, we had to scrape it off.

Sharon, 26-Sep-2017

I ordered this item at 2 o'clock in the morning on Sunday,I then got an email on Monday telling me it was dispatched received item today fast delivery,I am disabled and even I could put these up and yes they do the job bedroom now nice and dark so no problem with daylight coming through would recommend this item to friends.I ordered 2 packs as I didn't realise how much you got so will keep the xtra pack for spare just in case.

Catherine, 9-Aug-2016

Easy to use and effective. I recommend this product

John, 2-Jul-2016

My daughter has used this product and said it was good, so now having the grandchildren for sleepovers we have got some ourselves.

dave, 5-Jan-2016

our son had one of these, excellent

Ann, 14-Jun-2015

We have a big awkward sized window in my daughter's room and had to order the extra large to have enough material to fit it but after getting it up, it's completely blackout and I think my daughter will sleep much better not being distracted by morning light and late sunsets. Does the job well!

Kim, 21-May-2015

I received my blind the day after ordering and am very pleased with it. It works brilliantly and makes the room pitch black. Very easy to put up

Stacey, 5-Nov-2014

Fantastic for night shift, easy to use and there is no light!! Happy :) !!!

Lynn, 21-Oct-2014

I was really pleased with this product, it was very easy to use and completey blocks out the light.

Jane Ward, 28-Jul-2014

I am sure this product is as good as it says

Jane Ward, 28-Jul-2014

I am looking forward to trying this product. I have heard excellent reports about this product and will spread the word

Christy Lawrence, 25-Jul-2014

Excellent product. Brilliant service. Arrived 20 hours after I ordered it! Works absolutely perfectly. About to order a second one.

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