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easyblackout fabric, 135cm wide

easyblackout fabric, 135cm wide £ 12.95 In stock

This is our easiest fabric to use, designed to quickly and easily give you great blackout, with no gaps for light from outside.

Perfect for hard-to-cover windows - round, arch, triangle, non-standard windows - this works for them all!  You can cut this fabric to any shape and size (it does not fray) and easily attach it to the window with a range of attachments.

Simply place your chosen attachents on the window and press your easblackout fabric against them to attach.  It couldn't be easier!

This works behind your existing curtains and blinds to cut out all outside light, so you can have the lightest curtains and still achieve complete blackout.

Making a blackout blind?  Please note that this fabric only needs window attachments - please click on 'how it works' below for full details.


Availability: 426 in stock

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*300cm maximum width / height   *29cm minimum width / height


how it works

Easyblackout fabric attaches directly to the window using any of the following (not included, available on the Accessories page):

These are available to order separately.  Whichever attachments you choose should be arranged on the window or frame as appropriate, then simply press easyblackout material against it for a great blackout blind!  Apply and open/remove as and when required.

Between uses, instead of removing your blackout blind, you can use our magnetic tiebacks (pictured, but not included) to hold your blind open - these are available on our Accessories page.

cutting service 

We can cut your fabric to size if you wish - simply tick the 'cutting service' box above, and you will be prompted to enter the height and width you require in centimetres.  Please make sure  your measurements are accurate and take account of any protruding handles as we cannot refund cut to size fabrics unless we have made a mistake.  The smallest size we cut is 29cm in either height or width.

We normally only send offcuts of a substantial size, but you can tell us in the comments box during checkout whether you wish to receive these or not.

more info.

Easyblackout fabric is available in black, cream and white

135cm wide

This fabric is not suitable for washing, but can be wiped with a damp cloth

'seconds' fabric

From time to time, we have some easyblackout material that isn't quite perfect in appearance - it is perfectly usable, but may have some small marks so we can't sell it as 'first' stock.  We think it would be a shame to throw it away so we offer it at a discounted price.  It is a bargain really, because when your blackout is up, you can't see it anyway!

The only difference is that there may be some small marks on the fabric (and these are often on the reverse).

All of our seconds blackout blinds and fabrics are listed on the 'Bargains' page - availability can change daily, and these do tend to be very popular, so it is worth checking regularly if there is something in particular you are looking for.

customer reviews

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Corinne Cobb, 11-Jun-2021

I’ve been using my easy blackout fabric for over 10 years now, it goes on and off every single day and still sticks to velcro easily. Also the only way to get a completely dark room, no gaps. Have recommended it to many friends.

Emma, 30-Mar-2021

Fantastic product and friendly, helpful customer service. Have used for a number of years now and recommend to friends and family!

John, 26-Nov-2020

Fantastic service - I was phoned to say they could cut my order from a smaller piece of fabric than I ordered, and I was then refunded the difference. The package arrived very quickly and the blinds are excellent - simple to hang on the suction cups and looks good when fitted.

David Reed-Felstead, 21-Aug-2020

I cannot speak too highly of the service I received from Maddie and Audrey, who took the time to explain the options in detail and with patience. There is no doubt that without their help I would have ordered the wrong items for the job in hand, despite the fact that there are copious instructions on the website. The blackout material with velcro fastenings works a treat - the product matches the customer service in quality. Thank you!

Karen, 4-Jul-2020

Highly recommend these products. Very fast delivery service.

Helen, 22-Apr-2020

A fantastic product and service! I needed to turn my west-facing, very hot living room into cool, useable office space during lockdown. It is a huge window with lots of different-sized panes, and just impossible to cover using off-the-shelf products. I sent an email to ask about the cutting service and it was responded to within hours- I got advice on the cut, weight and fixings; it was couriered to me the day after we finalised, and the sizing on arrival is perfect- I couldn't be more impressed.

Amir, 14-Oct-2019

Apart from a few specks on the top side I couldn't see why the material I purchased was 'seconds'. The customer services was excellent on the phone and email to describe the product and make sure I was getting what I needed. The product was also packaged and delivered with lots of love and care. I used the cutting service which was very good also. When I tried to cut the material myself with sharp scissors the cut was pretty bad (perhaps a stanley knife would have worked better). Overall, I would have no problems ordering again or recommending. The 3M command strips are excellent but are quite expensive and you will need a lot of them to hold the fabric close to the frame and block every chink of light but curtains also work well as a second layer. After 3 months of putting the blinds up and down each day, some of the fluffy fabric is wearing and not sticking to the 3M command strips but

Marion, 13-Feb-2019

Absolutely brilliant! Living in London there is constant light pollution but not in our bedroom anymore, it’s complete bliss and we’re sleeping soooo much better. The application was very simple, we’d put them up within 30 minutes, our bedroom windows are actually patio doors so I bought the magnetic tie backs so we can roll them up during day and not living like hermits permanently! They’re great and really work well. Now a word about Audrey and Maddie, they are so efficient, helpful, friendly and professional, I honestly think that a few small businesses could learn a thing or two from them. It’s been a pleasure from start to finish.

Gill, 7-Aug-2018

What a brilliant product! I was a little unsure what I actually needed but 1 phone call to a very helpful lady soon sorted me out. We now have a totally dark room for a two year old who was waking earlier and earlier with the sunny mornings. The service was fantastic - I ordered late on a Friday afternoon and received the order first thing Monday morning. The material was very easy to cut and put up and it has made such a difference! The room is also much cooler now - I will definitely use this company again and will recommend to others - I'm going to order the magnetic tie backs too so that the material can be rolled up but left in place. Well done easyblinds- a pleasure to buy from - thank you!

Susan Taylor, 14-Sep-2017

Such wonderful customer service. I have really tricky shapes of windows to cover, and had NO idea what to use as the selection was so vast and they set me on the correct course with such prompt, kind and efficient help that I am delighted. They will be posted to me overseas faster than a letter gets here, I am beyond delighted! Easily the best customer service I have had in a long time! Can't recommend highly enough.

Susan, 3-Jul-2017

Fast delivery - ordered late Sunday night and arrived Tuesday morning. I ordered seconds in cream which, other than a slight mark at the edge that I cut off anyway when resizing it to my window, looks perfect. Also ordered the 3M Command strips to fix it to the window which are easy to use. Very pleased with everything, thank you.

Clare - T.Wells, 10-Jun-2017

Ordered 3 x 135cmsx100cms 'seconds' pieces (absolutely nothing wrong with any of them by the way!) and Velcro tape very late on Tues night and everything was delivered first thing Fri. Packaged very well with great instructions. All 3 blinds up in 20 minutes, and although the sun was still beaming through both rooms (2 x the master bedroom - 1 x daughter's room), both rooms were in complete darkness!!! I wanted to go to bed there and then, but nobody had had their tea yet, so it may have been a little bit too early!!!! I can't recommend this product enough. We all had a great night's sleep and I'm no longer saving up for Botox to fix my frown lines as I'm not squinting to try to close my eyes tight enough to block the sun out when trying to sleep on these bright, sunny mornings.. thank you!!

Jen, 27-May-2017

A small miracle! This material blocks light completely and is simple to affix to a wooden window frame using 3M Command tape. I don't know whether the adhesion remains if you take it down each day as I've left mine in place. I have lupus and getting enough sleep is crucial for my well-being - I'll never dread the early sunrise again!!! Also, we live a rented property, so this is an ideal solution! Please don't ever stop making it ;)

Julie, 11-Apr-2017

I have been searching for something like this product for years!! Ordered it Sunday afternoon, it arrived Tuesday morning. Took me 5 minutes to put up (with the Velcro strips). I ordered a 'seconds' which said it may have a small flaw but it looks perfect to me! 5 stars!!

Louise, 21-Mar-2017

I am so impressed with these blinds after trying all sorts of inferior products trying to eliminate the light that shines down the sides of sash windows covered with expensive custom made blinds. Finally a product that works and is not at all fiddly to use. I ordered seconds cut to size and they arrived the next day and are barely marked at all. Just brilliant. Thank you.

Grev, 27-May-2016

The material looks great and good quality. I've not put them up yet, but I have to give 5 stars based on the customer service and speed of delivery. Ordered at 11am one day, arrived the next day at 8.30am. Helpful advice from them via email too.

Maq, 25-May-2016

Seconds?! The imperfection was tiny and hardly visible! Amazing product and even better service. I ordered this product yesterday morning, it was shipped by the afternoon and I received it this morning. Fantastic! My son has been waking at 5am and I'm quite certain this will sort him out. I gave it a test run and the room was pitch black. So easy to 'install' and use. Thank you, I am truly in love lol. Sleep here I come!

Jimena, 25-May-2016

Excellent! Even if it's seconds quality, it blocks all light and in my case the blinds don't have any hole or imperfection at all (a minor black stain, just that, you don't even notice it). Works really well with 3M Command strips. If you finally choose this option for your blinds you'll find these 3M Command strips more expensive than the actual blackout material! But it really sticks to it so it's worth the money. The delivery is SUPER fast and their service customer very nice and helpful. I totally recommend it.

Janet, 25-May-2016

We are delighted! Just as we wanted - perfect sizing and so easy to put in place. We did the test while the sun was blazing on the window - pitch black - finally a chance for a full night's sleep. Our verdict - excellent value, ingenious design - you can even velcro the overlap between the two pieces! And, if these are seconds, there is no sign of it!

Carlos, 18-Oct-2015

Thank you for send it to me to my home. I´m a returning customer and I am very happy with the service you provide. 5/5 punctuation.

Gloria, 16-Aug-2015

Excellent delivery & easy to put up. I would possibly have classed this as a 'second' as in addition to a few small pinprick holes that weren't a problem, it had quite a large fault (7-8 cms) about two thirds of the way down that let light through - almost as if some of the 'blackout' treatment had failed. Nevertheless, as there is already a roller blind at the window, when this is lowered over the blackout blind it completely covers up the fault. I'm sure that if I had needed to return it for a replacement the company would have done so immediately, so I haven't marked it down at all as the blind does it's job perfectly. My daughter works shifts and after night shift finds it very difficult to sleep when the light comes in through the window and existing roller blind. I put this up yesterday and she has already said that it cuts out every bit of light and she's thrilled with it. Success

Wendy, 5-Aug-2015

Ordered before. Excellent service. The blinds do the job well.

Claire Miller, 15-Jun-2015

Wow! what can I say apart from AMAZING! sleeping after night shifts is really difficult, especially in summer but this material has made a hell of a difference. I purchased the material plus sucker pads so I didn't have to stick anything on the plastics as my house is rented and didn't want to. I'm really impressed. Great service too!

Suyai, 1-Jul-2014

The blind is fabulous! Just set one up in my son's bedroom... AMAZING! Thanks!

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