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original blackout fabric, 270cm wide

original blackout fabric, 270cm wide £ 13.95 In stock

This fabric is perfect for lining curtains or blinds to make them blackout.

As with all of our fabrics, this fabric can be cut to size and won't fray, so there is no need to hem.

You can also use this fabric with our self-adhesive Hook and Loop fastener tapes to make a blackout blind.

Making a blackout blind?  Please note that this fabric needs both fabric and window attachments - please click on 'how it works' below for full details.


Availability: 641 in stock

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how it works

 This fabric is ideal for lining curtains and blinds to make them blackout

You can also use this fabric with our self-adhesive Frame and Fabric Fastener tapes to make a blackout blind up to 2m x 2.7m.  Above this size it is necessary to stitch loop Fabric Fastener tape to the fabric, but please be aware that stitching will cause tiny holes that will allow some light through.

more information

  1. 270cm wide

  2. Available by the metre, up to 50m

  3. Machine washable on a gentle cycle, provided it is not used with self-adhesive attachments - these will detach if wet.

  4. Material ordered by the metre is supplied in one continuous piece up to 50m

  5. Polyester fabric

  6. There can be shade variations between rolls of material

  7. These fabrics are white on the reverse.

'seconds' fabric

From time to time, we have some blackout fabric that isn't quite perfect in appearance - it is perfectly usable, but may have some small marks so we can't sell it as 'first' stock.  We think it would be a shame to throw it away so we offer it at a discounted price.  It is a bargain really, because when your blackout is up, you can't see it anyway!

The only difference is that there may be some small marks on the fabric (and these are often on the reverse).

All of our seconds blackout blinds and fabrics are listed on the 'Bargains' page - availability can change daily, and these do tend to be very popular, so it is worth checking regularly if you are looking for something in particular.

customer reviews

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Phil, 9-Jun-2020

Great product. Used it stand alone and with curtains to give total darkness. I have 3 young kids and they’ve never woken up early because of light in their rooms. Just moved house and ordering some more.

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