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Making your home cosy during winter

By easyblinds  |  4 Feb 2022 09:00:00

It’s that time of year again, and doesn't it feel like winter gets longer every year?!

There’s lots of reasons to love the winter season though, like wrapping up in warm clothes and going for walks, enjoying a pub lunch next to a roaring fire, or snuggling under cosy blankets with your favourite book or TV show. But winter is also the time of year where we see our heating bills skyrocket. There are a few ways to ease the cold, so take a look at these tips to make your home cosy this winter…


Draught excluder

Unfortunately we don’t all have warm fires to toast ourselves in front of, but these do certainly come in handy for keeping the heat in. Perfect for your kids’ bedroom when they grumble about feeling cold during the night.

You don't need to spend money on them either, you can make your own draught excluder by upcycling unwanted fabrics like jeans, trousers or pillow cases. It's a fun weekend or afternoon project that you can customise to suit your style too! We found this really fun tutorial from Pillar Box Blue which shows a pair of jeans being upcycled into one.


Microwavable heat bags and hot water bottles

This is a fantastic way to get cosy and microwavable toys are a great choice for kids to get them comfy (and off to sleep!). The microwavable bags are also a lot safer to use as you're not negotiating boiling water into a hot water bottle. You can also make your own microwavable heat bag, there is a great tutorial on Instructables

Photo from Adobe Stock via Spark Adobe

Blackout blinds

You might think that our blackout blinds are solely for blocking light, but they can also be used to keep draughts at bay! Our easyblackout blinds are made from a thick fluffy fabric, and are designed to curl against the wall where it meets the window frame - this helps to block unwanted draughts coming from your windows.

Top tip: If your window is prone to condensation, we recommend removing your blind when it is not in use and air drying it - this will help to prevent it going mouldy.


Electric throw blanket

You may think these are more like practical gifts for the grandparents but unless you’ve tried it you just won’t get it. Trust us on this, they're so lovely that the whole family will want their own electric throw, including the pets! 

So many people swear by this for keeping snug during the chilly nights (including us!). You can drape them over your legs while working from home, use it when snuggling on the sofa, or even wrap it around yourself while you pop into the kitchen. You can also use it on your bed to warm it up before you get in – you’ll feel as snug as a bug in a rug and drift off swiftly without having the havoc of tossing and turning until you’ve made yourself warm.

Photo by Adam Winger on Unsplash

Left-over oven heat

Many of us do this naturally whatever the season, but if you don’t it’s definitely time you stop wasting your left-over oven heat! Once your meal is finished cooking and out of the oven, keep the door open and let the warm air out. Although we don't recommend turning your oven on just to warm up the house, if you're already cooking dinner then this is a nice little bonus at the end of it all! 


How do you stay cosy during winter?

Tell us on Twitter @easyblinds or on our Facebook page.


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