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Stick On blackout kit

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Stick On blackout kits provide total blackout easily.  This kit includes a white plastic sheet and a 50m roll of repositionable double sided tape.  The plastic sheet is lightweight and flexible, and blocks all light!

To use, cut or fold the blackout sheet to fit the window (glass or frame), apply the double-sided tape to the sheet, peel away the backing tape to reveal the repositionable adhesive and place your blackout against the window.

This product is ideal for blacking out a window and leaving in place.  It is possible to open and close a Stick On blackout blind, but this reveals the sticky tape - this can be covered by replacing the backing strip if required.  For a blackout blind suitable for regular opening and closing, we suggest 'easyblackout' or 'original Velcro blackout' kits, which you can see here.


Stick On kits are available in three sizes

  • Size 1: White plastic blackout sheet measures 1m x 3m, with 50m roll of tape
  • Size 2: White plastic blackout sheet measures 1.5m x 3m, with 50m roll of tape
  • Size 3: White plastic blackout sheet measures 2m x 3m, with 50m roll of tape

Thin, flexible, lightweight and extremely effective. For larger windows, two blackout sheets can be overlapped.

The repositionable adhesive can be used a number of times.  Between uses, we recommend replacing the backing tape to protect the adhesive until the next use.  It is also possible to fold the tape over so that it sticks to the blackout sheet until the next use.  When the tape looses it's effectiveness, simply replace it from the 50m roll included in each kit.

For even faster blackout, blu tack (not supplied) is very effective for use with this plastic blackout sheet.

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