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Gingham blackout fabric, Seaspray, 250x135cm, clearance

Gingham blackout fabric, Seaspray, 250x135cm, clearance £ 17.95 In stock

We are having a clear-out - this clearance item is not a second, we just need to make some space.

Making a blackout blind?  Please note that this fabric needs both fabric and window attachments - please click on 'how it works' below for full details.


Availability: Out of stock

Add the dimensions you require. We'll recommend the best size for you.

Width (cm)

Height (cm)


Suggestion for use 

This fabric can be used to make a simple blackout blind in two steps:

First: apply self-adhesive wide loop tape or self-adhesive wide loop strips (not included, purchase separately) to easynight fabric

Then: the fabric can be attached to the window with any of the following (available separately):

seconds fabric information

Sometimes we find small marks on our fabrics, and can't sell it as 'first' stock.  We think it would be a shame to throw it away so we offer it at a discounted price.

Often any marks are on the reverse, or close to the edge so can be cut away if you are trimming your fabric to the shape and size you need.

These are surface blemishes, are always minor, and don't affect the fabric's blackout property.

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