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Cotton Storage Bags

Cotton Storage Bags £ 2.95 In stock

Ideal for packing your blackout away, or taking with you when out and about, these are available in three sizes.

Cotton bags with handy drawstring for opening and closing.


Availability: 489 in stock

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*300cm maximum width / height   *29cm minimum width / height



Small easynight bags: 25cm x 30cm

These bags are perfect for packing and carrying your easynight blind and components, or other sleep accessories.  Featuring Snoozy, our mascot, this will help you ensure that you always have your suction cups or other neccessities to hand!

Large cream cotton bags for easyblackout and Go Anywhere blinds: 30cm x 44cm

These cotton bags are larger to fit easyblackout or Go Anywhere blackout blinds.  Plain in design, and ideal for packing your blind away between uses or for use away from home.

Extra large cream cotton bags for easyblackout and Go Anywhere blinds: 40cm x 50cm

These larger bags are suitable for size 4 and size 5 easyblackout blinds

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, 19-Nov-2021

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