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easynight accessories pack - frame and fabric fasteners

easynight accessories pack - frame and fabric fasteners £ 9.90 In stock

For use with easynight fabric and home and portable blackout blinds, these self-adhesive Frame and Fabric Fasteners enable easynight fabric to attach to the window.

Self-adhesive, these are quick and easy to use.


Availability: 962 in stock

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*300cm maximum width / height   *29cm minimum width / height


how it works

Once Fabric Fasteners are applied to the silver side of easynight fabric, it can then attach to Frame Fasteners on the window frame.

Fabric Fasteners should be positioned on the easynight fabric to correspond with the positions of the Frame Fasteners on the window frame.


Individual Frame Fasteners measure approximately 44mm x 19mm (4.4cm x 1.9cm).

Individual Fabric Fasteners measure approximately 100mm x 50mm (10cm x 5cm).

This pack includes 10x Fabric Fasteners and 10x Frame Fasteners.

more info.

It is important to position both Frame and Fabric Fasteners correctly first time, as removing and replacing them weakens the adhesive.

Once in place, press firmly and leave for 24 hours before use to ensure the adhesives bond fully.

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, 19-Nov-2021

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