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Frame Fastener stickers

Frame Fastener stickers £ 4.95 In stock

Includes two types of Frame Fastener - one removable and one with a stronger adhesive.

Suitable for use with all of the following blinds:

  • easydoor
  • easyblackout
  • easynight
  • Go Anywhere

Supplied with a surface preparation wipe.


Availability: 487 in stock

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how it works

Includes two types of Frame Fastener - one type has a removable adhesive, suitable for use on painted wood and upvc window frames and doors, and the other type has a stronger adhesive for long-term use and is suitable for use on upvc window frames and doors.

The special 'hook' surface means that they work with:

  • easydoor blinds
  • easyblackout fabric and blinds
  • easynight blinds
  • Go Anywhere blinds


Individual fastener stickers measure approximately 21mm x 30mm (2.1cm x 3cm).

Each set includes:

  • 20 removable adhesive Frame Fasteners
  • 20 stronger adhesive Frame Fasteners
  • 1 window preparation wipe

more info.

Window blinds:

  • We recommend using one fastener sticker in each of the four corners of the window frame, with additional strips as needed along the top and sides, depending on the size of the window.
  • Along the top, we suggest placing fastener stickers at approximately 40cm intervals.  Down the sides, use as required to hold the fabric close to the window frame.

Door blinds (easydoor):

  • If using to hold your easydoor blind in place, we suggest using four stickers above the top of the door window to hold the door blind fabric
  • and two stickers above these to hold the door straps, one near each side, to hold the blind when it is rolled up.

It is important to stick these to your window frame or door correctly first time as removing and replacing them will weaken the adhesive.

Once in place, press firmly and leave for 24 hours before use to allow the adhesive to bond fully.

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