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Go Anywhere portable blackout blind

Go Anywhere portable blackout blind £ 29.95 In stock

Complete darkness is easily achieved by ensuring that there are no gaps around the window where light can enter.  Our unique design incorporates excess fabric on each of the four edges - this stops light from entering around the blackout blind.

Our Go Anywhere blackout blind has all sorts of uses - it is great for travel and holidays, but its great strength is that it is perfect for awkwardly shaped windows.

You can cut this fabric to any shape and size (it does not fray) and easily attach it to the window with suction cups or removable self-adhesive Fastener strips, so it is perfect for hard-to-cover windows.

Round, arch, triangle, non-standard windows - this works for them all!


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how it works

  1. Apply your choice of attachment to the window - self-adhesive fastener strips to the frame, or suction cups to the glass (or a combination of both).

  2. If necessary, cut the fabric to the shape and size required.  It does not fray and does not need a hem.

  3. Press the fabric to the attachments on the frame.  The whole of the reverse side can latch on to these, and the fabric can be attached and removed as and when required.


Small    100 x 135cm     Includes 10x Frame Fasteners and 10 suction cups
Regular    150 x 135cm     Includes 10x Frame Fasteners and 10 suction cups
Large    200 x 135cm     Includes 16x Frame Fasteners and 20 suction cups

more info.

This blackout fabric can be cut to size if required - it does not fray, so there is no need to hem.

All of the reverse side of this fabric can latch on to the attachments on the window frame, so you can cut the fabric to any size or shape.

For best blackout, make sure your blind is slightly larger than the frame - for best blackout there should be an excess on every edge of approximately 2cm.  This excess 'folds' around and sits against the window recess or surround.

This fabric is not washable, but can be wiped with a damp sponge.

customer reviews

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Rhonda-Ann, 19-May-2020

If your windows are like mine with the screen in the inside, do not purchase this product. The adhesive strips were not strong enough to keep the curtain place. Easyblinds reply: Thank you for your feedback - all of our adhesive strips are intended for use on hard flat surfaces such as upvc or painted wooden window frames. If you would like to contact us by email we will try to find a more suitable solution for you. Kind regards, easyblinds

Jane, 22-Aug-2015

Excellent product, much more versatile size and shape than the competitor brand - which I've used for the last few years - and also much better suction! Would definitely recommend, great value too.

Oldfield, 25-May-2015

this product is very good and I would recommend buying from here again!

Laura, 15-Jul-2014

Very pleased with this product, we already had the Market leading product but being black, this made my daughters bedroom heat up like a green house. Now with this white blind we get full black out coverage without the heat. It was very easy to fit with clear and simple instructions.

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