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Magnetic Tieback

Magnetic Tieback £ 4.99 In stock

These magnetic tiebacks are perfect for holding your blackout blinds or curtains open.

No fixings required - these tiebacks can be used to gather your blackout blind and hold it in an open position.  Use it to allow some light in when required, or to hold your blackout blind in an open position during waking hours.  Your blackout blind can be held open to the side like a curtain, or rolled up so that it is held neatly out of the way.


Availability: 475 in stock

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*300cm maximum width / height   *29cm minimum width / height


how it works

Each end of the tieback contains a magnet.

Your blackout blind should be rolled up, or drawn to one side, then the tieback is used to hold the blind - when the tieback ends are placed together, with one in front of the fabric and one behind, the magnets will cling to each other and hold the blind in place.


Each pack includes a single magnetic tieback.

Whilst a single tieback may be enough for a mini or size 1 blackout, two or more will be required for larger sizes.

customer reviews

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Farias, 28-Mar-2021

What an amazing product!! And ore importantly such fantastic customer service, I highly recommend Easyblinds!! You saved sleep!!

Margaret, 23-Apr-2014

Very handy, you can clip these anywhere, thank you.

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